About Moyan


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MOYAN, focusing on the development and operation of fashionable and cool products, is specially designed for fashionable people to give you a different experience.

The company combines cultural creativity with technological products, spreads culture with products, and drives products with culture. With the concept of sincerity, openness, mutual assistance, and win-win, the company looks forward to in-depth exchanges and cooperation with all parties in the industry.


Company Culture


Brand spirit: fashionable and cool, personality, X-belt, smoking, devouring negative energy

As an enterprise with a high sense of corporate social responsibility, MOYAN will continue to uphold the "only the best" product concept, deepen the upgrading of technology and appearance, and provide consumers with fashionable, safe and healthy products. Today, what we provide to users is not only products, but also fashion, uniqueness and individuality, but also the health and sharing of the group. Users pay for the experience and feelings. Arouse the resonance of users through the cultural connotation of the devil cat, and meet their personal and social needs.


Contact Us

contact person: Davie Liu